house-jedde-webYou may have concerns about delivery issues of a manufactured home to your site. At the onset of your project, we will be gathering  a lot of information, your site and delivery route are just two of the starting points. Free of charge we will inspect your site and delivery route to assess any issues that we might have and notify you of all that we find and any cost. There are several tools that we use for difficult deliveries.

The JADDE  consists of set of heavy duty steering axles and hydraulic lift wings attached to a high alloy steel frame. The steering axles are designed to allow sharp, precise maneuvering of the home,  and final placement on the foundation site. The hydraulic lift wings are adjustable in width and attach to the main frame of the home. This virtually eliminates the time-consuming heavy labor involved in bridging and cribbing, saving you both time and money. The lift and steer functions of the Jadde can be operated either by radio remote control or by control panel attached to an umbilical cord. This sturdy compact machine can raise and lower the home and steer left and right.

For steering left and right, the Jadde moves the rear of the home, much like a ladder truck fire engine. Extremely helpful in maneuvering the home around sharp turns.

The Jadde also can lift and lower the home for rural area with narrow bridges,  guard rails and even boulders. Driveways can be an issues also, and the Jadde can speed up the progression of delivery and minimize or eliminate any traffic back ups or damage from the home dragging.

There are not many places we cannot get a home to.