house-delivery-webSeveral things need to be in place before we can take a home on the road.

Weather Conditions must be considered. High winds and rain, or worse, snow, can delay a delivery.

Curfews come into play in residential area of the trip due to school buses and such.

DOT (Department of Transportation) permits are necessary and are required in each county, city and state the home will travel through, there can be as many as 5 per section just to deliver local to Placerville. The permits are valid a few days in some cases, and only one day in others.

CHP (California Highway Patrol) escort may be required, if the homes width exceeds the roadway allotment. The CHP escort must be scheduled two weeks in advance and in agreement with availability of an officer. Should weather require a change in the date arranged with CHP, delivery would be delayed an additional two weeks.  The assigned officer may also be pulled from our delivery should an emergency arise.

Pilot cars/trucks are required for alerting traffic of a wide load ahead. The home may be blocking both lanes temporarily, on narrow roads and while turning.  Signs are also posted 48 hours before delivery to prepare neighbors for any traffic delays that might be created by the delivery.

The delivery of a two section home can usually be done in one day (in the Placerville area) if the route is not too tricky. More difficult the side road and driveways add time of course.  Three section homes can take two days or more. We always do our best, and keep in mind these are all things El Dorado Homes takes care of for you when you buy a home from us.