winterizehouseWinterize your home can save you money on repairs, heating costs and can also help to preserve the life of your home. By winterizing your home each year, you will not only save in heating cost, but you will usually find any minor repairs that may need attention.

#1 Get rid of air leaks. Air leaks can make their way through doors, windows, attics, basements, fireplaces. Fireplaces are a major heat loss area, so make sure the damper is closed when it is not being used. Make sure your home is properly insulated for the area you’re in.Make sure to check all pipes and duct openings.  Caulking and applying foam insulation even in the smallest of areas can provide you big benefits. You can easily check for air flow just by placing your hand around the area you are worried about. If you feel a draft, it is likely that air is escaping from your home.

#2 Another thing you need to know about how to winterize a manufactured home is to have your heating system checked, vents checked, filters replaced and propane or oil filled if necessary.  Make sure yours is performing up to standards.  A professional can inspect your system and make sure it is functioning properly.

#3 It is also a good idea to winterize plumbing, sprinklers and anything that could freeze during a cold winter. Make sure that areas subject to freezing have either been properly insulated or drained to prevent pipe damage from freezing weather. Follow these simple steps and your home will be warm and toasty as well as properly maintained for the winter.