Size Up Your Space

blog-outdoor-space-size-up-your-spaceStill stuck on how to enhance your outdoor space? Remember, not everything is built to endure the summer. Sun’s effect can be harsh on some materials, and you want to make the most of your outdoor budget. Here are some fool-proof tips for making sure your outdoor space is summer ready.


Define the Space

blog-outdoor-space-define-the-spaceWhere will you be enjoying the outdoors? Patio, porch, yard, or deck. Approach your outdoor area with the same attentiveness to detail as you would if it were a room inside. So measure the space and take note of the dimensions you’ll be working with. The last thing you’ll want is to purchase a table that has no room for the chairs to fit around.


Identify the Role

How do you plan to make use of this space? Obvious question? Not necessarily and certainly not once you start shopping and see all of the options out there. Decide on your patio personality: Are you the entertaining types? You’ll need a set that is prepared for the standing invitation that you extend to the 20 friends every weekend? Are you the casual lounging duo? Is the back your escape: sunbathing, reading, relaxing with an occasional intimate dinner party. If you use your porch to entertain or simply to read and relax, creating the proper ambience is a key concern. Bringing a bit of the indoors out, gives outdoor living spaces a connection to the home.


From the doors to the fabric color you can add personality. They can be soothing, or bring the energy.

Blog Outdoor Space Color 1Blog Outdoor Space Color 2

Blog Outdoor Space Color 3



Be sure to install the right lighting for evening hours , do you want candles, some soft up lights in the landscaping, overhead lighting, maybe a fan. Choose more than one and give yourself choices.

Blog Outdoor Space Lighting 1Blog Outdoor Space Lighting 2

Blog Outdoor Space Lighting 3


Curtains or Blinds

You can check all the boxes by put up curtains or blinds, they help filter the daytime sun, give elegance or personality, and of course color.

Blog Outdoor Space Curtains Blinds 1

Blog Outdoor Space Curtains Blinds 2


Hang a Mirror

A mirror makes the space feel more like an actual room. At night it reflects the candlelight so beautifully,

Blog Outdoor Space Mirror 1

Blog Outdoor Space Mirror 2