A change of seasons has come, and our surroundings will be changing also. Fall in some areas is even more beautiful than Spring. We invite you to take a long look at the fall colors in your area and enjoy them with family and friends. Maybe a picnic or a ride to somewhere the fall colors are making a display.

Just a few safety points for your home.

Inspect Your Fireplace and Heating Systems

Follow these safety precautions and tips to keep your home safely warm throughout the autumn season:

  • If you own a central heating system, get your vents inspected and cleaned at the beginning of fall
  • Gas heaters need to be inspected for leaks
  • Chimneys should be inspected and swept
  • Repair cracks in fireplace and chimneys
  • Install fireplace screens to avoid sparks
  • Adults should always attend and watch the fireplace
  • Keep combustibles away from fireplace and floor heaters
  • Inspect cords of floor heaters
  • Turn off floor heaters when you leave the room or go to bed
  • Plug space heaters directly into the wall plug, not into an extension cord

Doors and Windows

  • Inspect your doors and windows for leaks to prevent water and cold air from entering your home
  • Replace the weather stripping around the doors and caulk your windows
  • Seal up small opening in the interior and exterior of your home that small rodents may enter through.
  • To avoid slipping, put floor mats in front of doors and high traffic areas when it is wet outdoors

Roof and Rain Gutters

  • Inspect your roof for leaks and damage. Make sure the flashing around the roof vents are in good order to keep water from entering your home.
  • Inspect your rain gutters and downspouts for debris that will cause a clog.